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Witching Hours

Includes 2 x 75 minute sessions + 1 x 90 minute session

Initial payment of $197.00 + 2 payments of $149.00
- OR - Single payment of $333.00 (save $162.00)

I'm so excited you're joining me on this sweet adventure!

Here's how this program works:

--In our first session, we'll do your Tarot Reading... We can do it in person, if you're local, or over Skype. This reading will be tailored specifically for you. It's good to have a specific focus for the reading, but also, we'll stay open to what wants to come through. We'll finish with some witchy homework to help you begin to integrate the work into your life.

--In our second session, we'll follow-up on your reading with in-depth coaching to help you transform anything that is getting in your way from moving forward with supercharged clarity, confidence, and purpose.

-- The final session will help you get clear on your action steps and how to best integrate the wisdom that came through the reading and transformative session over the next couple of weeks or months, and coaching around going forward as the new, fully integrated, transformed you.

This is a "Deep Dive" program, and I ask that you allow time and space to fully engage in the process. These techniques and experiences are deeply profound, and that the magic in them is real.

If all of that sounds good to you, then, onward! Let's make some magic!

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